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"We're proud to provide a platform for UK talent."

Shinel Crichlow UK Entertainment Awards Founder

UK Entertainment Awards 2024

Has proudly partnered with Renaissance Studios

Renaissance Studios is a Black, Women-led studio located in the heart of Brixton, celebrating the Black diaspora and communities through Film, TV, Advertising, Events, Branding and community projects. We champion brave, bold, and relatable stories that capture our identities, shared experiences, and culture. For a generation of artists and creators who want to see ourselves in the media we consume, this is content made for us, made by us. In recent years we have joined the Channel 4 Indie Accelerator Programme to help diversify the industries content and the E4 Digital Talent Search where we scout black talent and bring them to the screen. We are working with Shinel to manage the event, its talent and produce a documentary plus promotional media. Despite being excited to help organise the UE Awards, this isn't our first experience with event and production management. In the past, Renaissance Studios has event managed the MVSIA Awards in Birmingham as well as the Screen Nation Awards in London.

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